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P S Belton and J R N Taylor

Paper 01
Overview: Importance of Sorghum in Africa J R N Taylor

Paper 02
Overview: Importance of Millets in Africa A B Obilana

Paper 03
The Prolamin Storage Proteins of Sorghum and Millets P R Shewry and N G Halford

Paper 04
The Improvement of the Protein Quality of Sorghum and its Introduction into Staple Food Products for Southern and Eastern Africa: INCO DC Contract 1C18-CT96-0051 P S Belton

Paper 05
Environment-Friendly Packaging Solutions for Enhanced Storage and Quality of Southern Africa's Fruit and Nut Exports M Stading

Paper 06
Genetic Enhancement of Nutritional Quality of Grain Sorghum A Grootboom and M M O'Kennedy

Paper 07
Collaborative Project to Investigate Consumer Preferences for Selected Sorghum and Millet Products in the SADCC region of Africa H S Laswai, N B Shayo and S T P Kundi

Paper 08
Overview: Sorghum Proteins and Food Quality B R Hamaker and B A Bugusu

Paper 09
Overview: Sorghum and Millet Food Research Failures and Successes L W Rooney

Paper 10
Low Protein Digestibility of cooked Sorghum - Causes and Needs for Further Research K G Duodu, A Nunes, I Delgadillo and P S Belton

Paper 11
Anti-Nutrients or Anti-Oxidants in Cereal Grains: An Evaluation of the Composition and Functionality of Phenolic Compounds with Special Reference to Sorghum and Barley T Beta

Paper 12
Consumer Attitudes to Sorghum Foods in Botswana M M Kebakile, S M Mpotokwane, B S Motswagole, M Lima de Faria, P Santo, M Domingues and C Saraiva

Paper 13
Prospects for Improving Sorghum Grain Quality J L Forsyth, M M O'Kennedy, A Grootboom, and P R Shewry

Paper 14
Sorghum and Millet Breeding in West Africa in Practice I D K Atokple

Paper 15
Sorghum and Millet Breeding in Southern Africa in Practice M Chisi

Paper 16
Large-Scale Extraction of Cereal Biopolymers C Erasmus and J R N Taylor

Paper 17
Cereal Biopolymer Films, Coatings and Other Industrial Products M N Emmambux, S Iannace and M Stading

Paper 18
Influence of Malting on Sorghum Protein Quality J Dewar

Paper 19
Bread-Making with Malted and Fermented Sorghum L F Hugo, L W Rooney and J R N Taylor

Paper 20
Effect of Addition of Malted and Fermented Sorghum Flours on Proximate Composition, Viscosity, pH and Consumer Acceptability of Extruded Sorghum Weaning Porridges S M Wambugu, J R N Taylor and J Dewar

Paper 21
Food Products from Malted Pearl Millet L A M Pelemebe, J Dewar and J R N Taylor

Paper 22
Improving the Commercial Viability of Sorghum and Pearl Millet in Africa D D Rohrbach

Paper 23
Summary of Discussions Arising from Papers
Paper 24
Identification of Research Needs in Sorghum and Millets
Paper 25
Recommendations of the Workshop